Shredder Blades

Blades for Single Shaft Shredder

Competitive price: unique equipment is designed and assembled by ourselves to make blades for single shaft shredder, which is based on about 25 years’ experience. That is why you will find our price competitive.

Patented tungsten carbide: this material is as tough as D2, but much more harder. By cooperating with labs from Tsinghua University, called “MIT” in China, we apply this patented tusngsten carbide material in blades of single shaft shredder

Blades for Dual Shaft Shredder

Thanks to our patented material, plus laser cladding, we could make the blade which has the same price with D2, but almost double the lifetime.

Coatings and Surface Treatments

Coatings and surface treatments are not inexpensive processes and so these techniques are not suitable for every application but at times they can significantly extend the process life for a blade. Contact us for more information and a specific assessment of your application.

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