Pulverizer Blades

Integral Mill

Sharper tooth: To make sure every tooth is sharp, we design unique equipment to grind each tooth several times, which guarantees the powder is small size. One mill has hundreds of teeth, every tooth counts, and our experienced metallurgists will tailor each one for you.

Longer life and no crack: Interal mill is easy to crack if it is made of D2, especially for big mill. With the help of laser cladding, our patented material is in the surface, and tougher steel as base, the mill has much longer lifetime and no crack any more.

Heat treat: Heat treat is a key factor for integral mill manufacture. The founder of BAOZHI is the member of heat treat committee of China, where only reputated, experienced person could join in.

Segmented Mill

Various tooth: The tooth could be machined by grinding or wire cutting, and the sharpness is different. Both is available for you.

Anti-corrosion: In acidic or alkaline enviroment, the mill will be corroded, which reduce the lifetime significantly. BAOZHI is experienced to handle with this by applying different material. Contact us for more info.

Coatings and Surface Treatments

Coatings and surface treatments are not inexpensive processes and so these techniques are not suitable for every application but at times they can significantly extend the process life for a blade. Contact us for more information and a specific assessment of your application.

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