Granulator Blades

Granulator blades work in relatively high speed, that is why granulator blades need high toughness and hardness at the same time. D2 is widely used as the material for granulator blades, but, still, the blade break sometimes especially when it is long. And D2 is not hard enough to stand a long lifetime.

With the help of laser cladding, we could use much tougher steel as base, while cladding much harder steel in the surface, which means no break, and much longer lifetime.

Much harder steel means BAOZHI patented material or tungsten carbide. The patented material will double the lifetime of D2 and keep the price. The tungsten carbide will have even longer lifetime and the price will be higher.

BAOZHI granulator blades are designed and manufactured to exceed OEM spedifications. With about 25 years of experience, our granulator blades has been proven hard wearing and competitively priced. With our know-how and application expertise, we are able to customize knives for our partners’specific requirements or waste materials, thus improving the durability of the knives, optimizing machine performance and lowering knife costs.

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